My Summer of Transformation

In June 2014, I started my nutritional journey with Shakeology.

A recent IgG test had revealed that I was highly sensitive to eggs, gluten, and dairy, and while I knew I felt dramatically better avoiding these foods, breakfast was HARD. I was stumped. What was I going to have on my morning menu since quick and easy foods like toast, yogurt, or a boiled egg were nixed off my food list? Ack!

I needed to find a highly nutritious morning meal—one that was easy to whip up while my 3 small children circled around me like seagulls. I needed it to be portable enough that I could take it with me when I hit the road for school drop off. Most importantly, I needed it to taste good and keep me full until lunchtime.

I was on the hunt for a meal replacement protein shake to make my mornings easier when a friend mentioned she was drinking Shakeology daily and loving it. I had already lost 4 pounds during the previous months after eliminating eggs, gluten, and dairy, but it was like pulling teeth—I was hungry, cranky, and constantly thinking about my next meal.

Then Shakeology entered my world!

Shakeology is my daily dose of dense nutrition packed with 70 all natural ingredients; all derived from whole food sources with an amazing balance of amino acids, protein, and vital nutrients.

I've been drinking Shakeology for five straight months now. It's become the easiest way for me to get a powerhouse of plant-based nutrition into my diet through one simple meal, every morning, without fail.

I can't imagine life without it!  

It gives me fuel, great energy through out my day, keeps me full, and curbs my sweet tooth cravings—but most of all it has helped to significantly shrink my waistline! I've now shed an additional 11 pounds!

I'm ecstatic that I'm 50% away from my weight loss goal and well on my way to losing another 15 pounds. I have no doubt Shakeology will help me get there!

I'm kissing 30 pounds goodbye!

While the numbers are outstanding, I love Shakeology most of all for it's long list of Super Food ingredients and because it contains absolutely nothing artificial—unlike so many of those other protein shakes lining your local store’s shelves!

And as far as flavor: I'm in love with Shakeology's vegan options. Because I can't eat dairy, I'm delighted that I can enjoy my yummy, plant-based smoothie daily without having to worry any digestion issues. The chocolate flavored vegan Shakeology is my favorite.

We all need a shortcut sometimes. Shakeology is my delicious, leisurely shortcut to a full tummy, loads of energy, and a jumpstart on my daily nutrition goals.

When you find yourself looking for a healthy meal replacement shake, a supplement to your busy lifestyle and the diet that goes along with it, or an alternative to your current chemical and synthetic sweetener packed protein sludge, I’d love to introduce you to Shakeology!


Nervous about pulling the trigger on a 30-day supply when you don’t know what it tastes like, or maybe you too love Shakeology but want to try a new flavor? I have sampler packs that include single servings of six different flavors available for only $29.99! There's a money back guarantee—if you don't like it, send the package back for a full refund! You've got nothing to Lose!