How My Life Was Spinning Out of Control

As 2015 began, my life was out of control.

I was 6 months into my recovery from a stroke: I was working with a physical therapist, I ate cleanly, and I was actively managing my stress. Yet, the doctors still could not tell me if I would ever recover 100%. 

It wasn’t fair—I was healthy! 

Before my stroke, I ate clean, organic food: Processed foods had no place in my pantry, and I had left fast food behind years ago. I exercised regularly. I was aware; I was mindful.

To add insult to injury, I continued to struggle with constipation, eczema, headaches, and congestion. While this wasn’t new---there is only so much a person can take. 

I needed a Do Over. 

Inspiration strikes when you least expect it. For me, it was while I was wallowing in past Instagram posts by a fellow stroke survivor. 

She had undergone an IgG blood test and used the results to inform her diet. Eating less of the foods that caused inflammation in her body had allowed her to recover faster. She had actually trained for and run a marathon after changing her diet—all while recovering from a stroke. Wow!

I hightailed it to my Naturopath for more information. An IgG test is a simple blood test that detects if you have sensitivity to 90+ foods. We agreed that this test could offer the information I needed to take control of my health, and before I knew it the results were in: While I was sensitive to many foods, gluten, dairy and eggs were off the chart! 

You can imagine the whirlwind of emotions that erupted when I found out many of the foods I had loved for years were off limits. So long pastries, cheese, and ice cream—I was heartbroken! 

But, underneath that reaction, I knew these foods weren't healthy for me anyway. 


I decided enough was enough—I would control what I could and let go of the rest. I couldn’t change the past, but I could step forward into a new future. I could make my own Do Over!

I started on my clean eating journey in March 2015, focusing on nourishing my body and releasing excess weight. Since then I have stuck with it 90% of the time (and perfected the mini Do Over).

Happily, my eczema has cleared up significantly, my constipation is alleviated, my congestion is improved, & those bad headaches are gone. I continue to recover my strength, balance, and flexibility. Yahoo!                        

Bonus: Thus far, I've released 15 pounds & 6 inches from my middle and I have more energy and clarity than ever!

I have transitioned from stroke victim to Wellness Warrior!